Regis & Kelly TV Commercial Analysis

Regis & Kelly

Every morning at 9am on the abc network, I toast a new day to my favorite show, Regis & Kelly live.  Their show is provides that latest news stories, interviews the best stars and is always funny and entertaining.

I have analyzed the commercials that play during this show the past few days and note that there are about 25 commercials that run each day.  The commercials do not normally repeat in the same day but it is possible; however, the commercials do repeat throughout  the week.  The typical kinds of commercials that air during this show are home appliance, food, personal product, animal product, and child product commercials geared mostly towards women.

An example of the commercials seen on this show include the one i provided for viewers.  This is a Dannon Light & Fit yogurt commercial featuring Heidi Klum.  She is at a spa shamelessly indulging in a Dannon Light & Fit yogurt, while another woman looks longingly at her consuming the entire thing.  The point of the commercial to to tell consumers to go ahead and indulge in Dannon’s yogurt because it is only 80 calories which is less than the other leading brands who have 100 calories.

This commercial is aimed at women, who are looking to eat and lead a healthy life, with a little room for indulgence.  Being that mostly women are the viewers watching Regis & Kelly, this commercial is properly placed for their viewing.  Furthermore, Dannon Light & Fit yogurt is an all day snack or food that can be consumed, but is a great breakfast choice.  Being that this show airs in the morning around the time when viewers are making or about to get breakfast, this commercial may just change their mind, making them want their Dannon yogurt for breakfast.

This commercial is properly put together putting a beautiful woman like Heidi Klum as the spokesperson.  When female viewers see this beautiful model who is in great shape indulging in Dannon Light & Fit yogurt, they will think that they themselves can indulge in it to get more like her or just follow in her footsteps to lead a healthy life.  The dialogue in the commercial is minimal, consisting of mostly Heidi making pleasure sounds to how wonderful her yogurt is.  The other woman in the commercial however does comment after watching her saying “wow! only 80 calories?” Heidi confirms and then a background announcer says how light and creamy Dannon is with less calories than other leading brands.  This commercial posts a cup of Dannon’s Light & Fit and the other popular Yoplait yogurt next to it, showing that Dannon’s product is the better choice.

The goal of the commercial as discussed is to get viewers to not only eat yogurt, but Dannon yogurt rather than other leading brands.  I think that this commercial worked very well, because I have not eaten breakfast yet this morning and I now want a Dannon Light & Fit yogurt! Plus it is nice to know that I will indulge in something that is 20 less calories than other brands that I like.  Furthermore, as a consumer I have tasted Dannon’s Light & Fit products and I prefer it to Yoplait, I think the taste is more pleasing.  So, if you have not eaten breakfast this morning…try Dannon Light & Fit – I am!

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One Response to Regis & Kelly TV Commercial Analysis

  1. Kristen says:

    First of all, I enjoy Regis and Kelly but am never up early enough to watch it. But I agree with your statement that it is mostly women who watch the show, partly because more women stay at home as mothers on average then men stay at home with the children. Therefore, more women compared to men are at home watching tv at 9am then men. I think it’s funny how commercials use products to try to convince the viewer that if they use whatever they are selling you will look like the model in the commercial. I wish that eating dannon yogurt would make me look like Heidi! But sadly, it will not. So I usually stay away from those marketing ploys.

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