Sprint Commercial Analysis

Do you feel the urge to laugh when you see someone at a distance trip, fall, and slip, run into something? If so…you will love this critique.

This commercial is maybe one of the most hilarious commercials I have seen in a while.  Furthermore, the commercial is for Sprint, which is a brand that I usually do not associate hilarious commercials with.  The product being advertised the cell phones made by Sprint.  Here again, the commercial appeals to humor.  The whole point of the commercial is to make the audience laugh.  The commercial is very effective, because Sprint is not longer a new brand.  Sprint is a top-of-mind brand when people think of cell phone companies.  Sprint has established a certain level of credibility with its consumers, so commercials for brands like Sprint need to be different then those say of a new brand.  Sprint consumers and other potential cell phone consumers know what sprint can offer on a general level compared to its competitors.  Therefore, in order to keep it’s product looking fresh and fun, Sprint advertisers appeal to more humorous and light emotions of an audience.  Consumers know from a utility standpoint what the Sprint brand can do for you, so it is Sprint’s goal to just keep them on your mind by creating attractive commercials to advertise their products over and over again.  This commercial utilized slapstick, physical comedy in order to achieve its goal for consumers.  Here is the clip for viewing; I hope you laugh as hard as I did.


Clearly, the audience that is being targeted here are potential cell phone consumers.  The demographics would be probably in the age range of 18-34, men and women, with a HHI of 50,000.  The Psychographics of this target audience would be people that are technologically efficient consumers, working or students, outgoing, fun, funny, looking for a new tech product or cell phone upgrade.

This commercial was a very simple commercial, but it had a strong dramatic effect.  The commercial caught consumer’s attention when one of the characters said to the other that his Sprint cell phone was better because it had a crime deterrent feature.  This is immediately an effective attraction for viewers, because no one has heard of a crime deterrent feature on a cell phone, so consumers begin to pay close attention.  Then the character asks his friend to try and take his phone from him and he will prove it.  Consumers are really interested in seeing what this feature does when suddenly the character chucks his phone at his friend, which immediately makes consumers and viewers crack up.  Thought there is no real crime deterrent feature that aspect of the commercial was very effective because it captivates viewers.  Watch the commercial and tell me that it does not have the same effect on you!

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