DOCUMENTARY: Prejudice Through the Looking-Glass of Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson – Documentary: “Changes”

This documentary short is about exposing the ignorance in prejudice. The filmmaker does so by utilizing an iconic person around the world Michael Jackson, in order to expose the reality of prejudices against him via the media and how that parlays the ignorance known as prejudice that people both experience and place on others each and everyday. The documentary filmmaker utilizes a montage of pictures in order to show the evolution of Michael Jackson and some aesthetic changes he has had in his life – his nose and his skin. The filmmaker poignantly talks to the reader as a voice over the music or has a script that reels off over the photomontage. The filmmaker utilizes this series of photos to show the real changes in Michael Jackson, while explaining the alignment of those changes with prejudice against not only Michael Jackson but also people all over the world. The photo montage allows the audience to really see that all the prejudice against Michael Jackson and the way he looks or has changes over the years is not really that much, and furthermore exposes that he was suffering form a skin disease which he got help to fix.
I believe what accounts for this documentary success is the true sophistication and respect of the filmmaker. She explicitly states her agenda in the beginning of the film and throughout the documentary she explores her agenda with true poise. She does not attack others so to speak, but politely highlights through Michael Jackson how people can truly affect other people of this world with such an ignorant past time as acting out in prejudice. To further account for this documentary success, the video had 3,361,107 hits. I believe that can justify that the filmmaker attracted peoples attention in a positive enough way to spread the word to well over three million viewers. The video definitely went viral. The filmmaker has updated her documentary three times as a response to the incredible numbers of viewers and all their input that they offered her.
Unfortunately, the video did not have any useful immediate comments below it, rather just people for or against being a fan of Michael Jackson himself. But being that the documentary filmmaker updated her documentary three times, shows that she had enough critical insight in order to adjust the film one way or another. In viewing this film and thinking about my upcoming documentary, I do think that pictures along with a reeling script of commentary over top of the pictures is an excellent way to attract and engage your viewers. It is a consideration I most definitely will have for my documentary, but I will need to see how much it will be relevant to my topic after further investigation.

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