“A Tale of Two Sports: A Closer Look at NC State Athlete Russell Wilson”

Created and Produced by: Lana Layton & Ashton Meem

Documentary Proposal

Our question surrounds NC State athlete Russell Wilson: what is his story in becoming such a positive two-sport NC State athlete.  As a participant within the divisions of both the NC State Football and Baseball teams, we would like to discover such aspects like where did his love of sports came from, how he got to where he is today, and what he sees in his hopeful future through the athletic lens.  We answer our question by interviewing Mr. Wilson, asking him to elaborate on his sources of self-motivation and the background connected to his athletic passions.  We will question him specifically on issues surrounding inspirations, sacrifices, time management, future plans and hobbies outside the sports realm that keep him relaxed and calm.

We plan to shoot the documentary focusing on Mr. Wilson after a baseball game, with the Doak Field in the background. Due to the fact that baseball is in season, the scenery will set the appropriate mood for viewers, adding to the documentary’s athletic tone.  Our timeline is somewhat constricted, considering Mr. Wilson has a heavy game schedule, serving as potential barriers in shooting, re-shooting (if necessary), and consulting him about the final project.  However, we plan to work diligently in completing the shooting phase, so we can move on to the editing phase.  This way, we can see whether or not our original material works, or if we will need more.  More specifically, our timeline includes shooting our video well before Spring Break, so we will have the chance to spend a good amount of time editing in order to tweak our project to the best of our abilities.  We plan on editing what we have already taped during the week of March 8th, in order to collaborate together on all aspects of finalization.

Our final goal is to understand the inspirations and motivations behind the successful NC State athlete Russell Wilson, and to share his love of sports by delving into his sources and strategies of determination, perseverance, and athletic passion.


Pre-Shooting Outline/Script

Ashton/Lana: meet in parking lot behind student section of Doak Baseball Field to discuss and finalize all taping aspects: what to ask, what to film, where to film, etc.

Ashton/Lana: meet with Russell post-game in front of student section entrance at Doak Baseball Field, NC State campus around 6:00pm

Lana: film a couple panoramic views of the Doak Baseball field for the beginning of documentary, and close-ups of Russell

Ashton/Lana: brief Russell on our goal for him to describe and elaborate on the issues we are curious about before filming.  Set-up, prepare to tape responses but not questions, as they will not be used in the final documentary.  They are only flexible guidelines.

Ashton: ask Russell to identify himself by name, his NC State association, and place of birth

Lana: tape Russell’s response

Ashton: ask Russell to talk about how, when, and with who he first began playing sports

Lana: tape Russell’s response

Ashton: ask Russell what/who inspired him to begin and continue playing baseball and football

Lana: tape Russell’s response

Ashton: ask Russell to describe playing both sports, how does playing make you feel, etc.

Lana: tape Russell’s response

Ashton: ask Russell what made him choose NC State, in terms of both sports

Lana: tape Russell’s response

Ashton: ask Russell about the sacrifices he has made throughout the years due to his healthy time commitment to football and baseball, and how he overcomes sacrificial difficulty

Lana: tape Russell’s response

Ashton: ask Russell if he prefers one sport over another.  If so, which one and why, and if not, why not

Lana: tape Russell’s response

Ashton: ask Russell how he reacts to NC State/Raleigh media, and any affects you experience, both positive and/or negative

Lana: tape Russell’s response

Ashton: ask Russell if there are any other aspects outside of sports that helps him remain strong and determined, both as an athlete as well as a person.

Lana: tape Russell’s response

Ashton: ask Russell what he enjoys doing socially as an NC State college student, all sports aside

Lana: tape Russell’s response

Ashton: ask Russell to talk about any future plans, both next year and after completing his college career at NC State

Lana: tape Russell’s response

Ashton/Lana: Thank Russell for all help and assistance, exit student section

Lana: take still pictures for placement in final documentary

Ashton/Lana: agree to work together in beginning the editing stage during the next class, and to consult each other while working on all aspects of the documentary project.


Production Journal

Tues. March 2, 2010

Today was the first day of brainstorming for our documentary, as well as the first day to begin our production journal.  We decided that first we would brainstorm separately, discussing all ideas together before and after our next class.  By brainstorming separately for a day or so, we both could independently think of interesting stories and lives to film.

Thurs. March 4

Before class today, we discussed our ideas.  Coincidently, we both wrote down ideas that surrounded personal aspects of each of our lives. Our ideas included filming a Baptist church downtown that offers a large back room full of donated clothing that the homeless and less fortunate of Raleigh have access to each week, and shooting an athletic film on NC State athlete Russell Wilson.  Also, we considered a cultural filming, focusing on Italian professor Anna Rita Bonaduce-Dresler, who is native to Italy, an academic taping of Chancellor-elect Randy Woodson, and a student filming surrounding Student Body Chief Justice Mary Frances Woods, and her in-depth role at our University.  Other ideas focused on the NC State Campus Police force, and their daily encounters around NC State, as well as the SECU building post-robbery.  We decided to consider all ideas until tomorrow, and then make a final decision.

Fri. March 5

With all ideas considered, we decided to go with Ashton’s idea to shoot a documentary about NC State athlete Russell Wilson.  We decided to go with this idea for two reasons: first, this documentary would relate to all NC State fans that enjoy following Wolfpack sports and/or Russell Wilson.  Second, filming this documentary provided flexibility and overall ease in terms of a needed time and place.  Conveniently located on campus, we knew ahead of time we could film Russell after a game on Doak field, thereby needing only one person’s permission to use them in the media.

Sat. March 6

After deciding this is what we wanted to do, we first discussed this idea with Russell.  He liked our idea, and was more than willing to help us with our project.  After receiving his permission to tape him, we decided to film our documentary the next afternoon (Sunday), around 5:45-6pm.  Since we were going to film so soon, we created a loose but detailed outline, with the questions and considerations we wanted Russell to answer and expand upon, dealing with his athletic past, present, future, and the ways he achieved his present atmosphere of sporty success and enjoyment.

Sun. March 7

Today, we shot our documentary footage, following a flexible pre-shooting outline/script we wrote down in a notebook before taping.  After the NC State baseball game against, we discussed where exactly to shoot while waiting for Russell to get out of the team’s post-game discussion.  We decided to film Russell with the baseball field in the background, so as to create an athletic mood.  We talked with Russell about the kinds of questions we would like for him to answer, surrounding his inspirations, determination, and athletic motivations.  After briefing him on our goals, we filmed his answers in the student section of the baseball stadium, with Doak field in the background.  Also, we taped a few panoramic views of the field, and took several still shots for documentary placement.

Mon. March 8

Today, we typed our documentary proposal.  After discussing the document and our goals through email and text messaging, we made necessary changes for final editing.  Once we agreed our proposal was complete, we submitted the document through Moodle.

Tues. March 9

Before class today, we downloaded all filmed clips of Russell to Ashton’s laptop from Lana’s digital camera, as her computer has wonderful editing software.  After all downloads were complete, we began toying with editing tools during class, and started putting our final piece together.  We wanted to begin with an athletic, “pumped up” feeling, so we downloaded and edited parts of the Wolfpack football entrance song “Boom” by P.O.D.  Also, in order to ensure the audience’s knowledge of Russell’s involvement in two sports, we noted to include clips from both baseball and football games.

Wed. March 10

Today, we went through all of the clips of Russell and chose which were most fitting for the documentary.  After narrowing down the ones that got across the most relevant and valuable information about our subject, we created a timeline of those clips, placing rolling introductions with white text on black backgrounds containing what question Russell was answering in each clip.  We also used still shots of Russell from both sports for our closing picture montage.  After putting all clips together, we chose another song for a further athletic, “pumped up” mood.  We decided to use Kanye West’s “Stronger” to play in the background while Russell talked for the remainder of the documentary.

Thurs. March 11

Because we had completed a considerable amount of our project, we discussed when we were to meet after spring break to put the final touches on the project.  We decided to meet on Monday afternoon to review everything together, and make sure all materials were in order for uploading and submission.

Fri. March 19

Today, we began writing our production journal.  We analyzed everything we had done, and reviewed our sent emails, text messages, and phone conversations in order to pinpoint the events of each entry.  After doing so, we typed our production history from start to finish.  Also, we typed our pre-shooting outline/script we had written down on paper before filming Russell in order to make it an official document for submission.

Mon. March 22

Together, we have reviewed and completed the final drafts of our documentary, production journal, and Pre-Shooting outline/script.  We made last minute changes, in order to finalize each aspect of the project.  We adjusted the audio file in order to format our video properly, and exported the video in a .mov file to Lana’s YouTube account.  Having a successful submission has been the only problem we have encountered during this entire process.  It took several tries to finally upload the video successfully.  Even after uploading the file to Lana’s YouTube account, the video could only be accessed by clicking on “lelayton” in the information area about the video.  After the video finally uploaded, we emailed Professor Pepper warning him of the slight viewing problem. On a final note, we went over all other materials for a final run through, making sure everything was correct and ready for submission.  As a team, we have enjoyed this interesting process, and we thank Russell Wilson for allowing us to put our documentary spotlight on him and his athletic involvement.


Documentary Video


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