Animation Pilot Pitch 

“The Adventures of Lucy and the Friendly Forest”

By: Ashton Meem and Lana Layton

Description of this Project:


Lucy the ladybug and her friends go through a series of adventures in nature, learning all sorts of scientific and environmental lessons along the way.


This project will produce 21-minute episodes broken up into three parts, each consisting of seven minutes. We will use the same story line but with varying the activities of the characters based on the scientific or environmental lesson to be learned. The first episode will deal with our main character waking up and dealing with one scientific or environmental question she wants to know more about.  After answering her first question, the second part of this episode will concern what her lessons led her to wonder about next.  After completing that lesson she will have a final question that will be answered in the third part of the episode.  This episode will cover the series of one day, morning, noon, and night.  In each part of the episode the main character and the friends she encounters deal with aspects of science and the environment depending on the specific day and time.



  • Lucy the Ladybug wakes up in her tree house, located in the Friendly Forest.
  • She looks out her window and wonders why the sun rises in the East and sets in the West.
  • Lucy’s friend Bethany visits her and explains that it is because earth revolves around the sun while rotating, and draws a diagram so she understands.
  • Lucy is excited and leaves her house for an environmental adventure.


  • On her nature walk, she passes her flower friends Daffodil, Tulip, and Rose who talk about Photosynthesis.
  • She asks what Photosynthesis is, and they explain how they use energy from the sun to grow, live, and produce energy for the earth.
  • The three flowers then use themselves to show Lucy a quickened version of what happens when Photosynthesis occurs.
  • Lucy is excited to learn about the environment around her, tells the flowers good-bye, and goes back to her tree house.


  • Lucy arrives back at her house at nightfall and eats dinner on the patio with her friend Oliver the young owl.  Lucy notices the shiny stars in the sky and asks Oliver what they are, and why she didn’t see them earlier.
  • Oliver tells Lucy that stars are very large balls full of gases that combine to create each star, and that stars can be extremely old.  He then tells her that she only sees them during nighttime because the sun’s light is too bright for anyone to see them during the day, and draws a diagram.
  • Lucy is once again excited to learn something new about the world around here, thanks her friend, and after he leaves, she gets into bed.
  • As she falls asleep, Lucy thinks about what she wants to learn next (for the next episode).


A forest called the Friendly Forest appears, zooming in on a tree that is home to Lucy the Ladybug.  Atop this special tree is her small house made of beautiful green moss and chestnut brown sticks, where Lucy is waking up to a wonderful morning.  As she rises from her bed, she asks herself “What do I want to Learn Today?”  She needs one of her peers in the Friendly Forest to help her answer the question.  Lucy is greeted by Bethany the bird, a dear friend who perches on the branches of Lucy’s tree from time to time.  Bethany explains to Lucy the sun rises and sets in two different places because the Earth revolves around the sun while rotating at the same time.  So, even though it seems the sun is moving, it remains in one place while the earth moves in the universe.  Lucy still inquires more about this anomaly, so Bethany uses a branch to draw diagrams on the tree trunk in order to for Lucy to understand.  Lucy then acknowledges her understanding of this lesson and thanks her dear friend for her help.

The second part of the episode involves Lucy traveling further form her house into the forest.  On her afternoon travels, Lucy encounters her friends Daffodil, Tulip, and Rose.  They are talking about how excited they are the sun is out, so photosynthesis will be easy today.  This leads Lucy to her second question, “What is Photosynthesis?”  Her dear friends first explain how to pronounce the word by writing it out.  Then they explain that photosynthesis is a natural process where flowers and other plants use and produce energy that comes from the sun.  Lucy inquires more, because she is used to getting energy from food and is fascinated that her friends get all the energy they need from sunlight.  Her friends explain more by using themselves as models in acting out how the process works.  Lucy is excited when she understands the process, and thanks her friends for helping her on this adventure.  She leaves her friends and heads back for her house.

In the third part Lucy returns home at nightfall.  While having dinner with her young friend Oliver the owl, Lucy looks into the sky and sees stars.  She asks Oliver what they are, and why she could not see them earlier in the day. Oliver explains to Lucy that stars are usually very old balls of gas in outer space that have created light so bright everyone on earth can see them. He goes on to tell her that the sun’s light is too strong for anyone to see stars during the day, although they are always there. To help Lucy fully understand, Oliver draws a diagram showing how different gases combine to create stars, including that the sun is itself a very large star, called a super nova.  Once again, Lucy is joyous when she understands, and thanks her friend for his help.  After he leaves, Lucy gets in bed, and as she is falling asleep wonders to herself, “What should I learn about tomorrow?”

Concept Art:

After waking up, Lucy learns why the sun rises in the East and sets in the west

After waking up, Lucy learns why the sun rises in the East and sets in the west

While on an afternoon nature walk, Lucy learns about Photosynthesis

While eating dinner, Lucy learns about stars that appear in the night sky


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