Television Pilot

“The Boss’s Daughter”

By: Ashton Meem and Lana Layton

Description of this project


Mila Lombardi, daughter of late Mafia Boss Giovanni Lombardi, kills her husband in order to become the new “Il Padrone” of her father’s administration, and must overcome patriarchal influence in order to maintain her Mafia authority, power, plans, and actions.


After the death of her father, Mila Lombardi finds out her husband Demarko has been chosen to take over as boss of her father’s administration because Mila is female and an only child.  Mila worked hard to please her father, observing him during his work.  Her already apathetic marriage lessened in value when she discovered this, leading her to plot his murder. Mila kills her selfish, unloving husband, uses the cover of suicide, and gains her title.  This HBO series will unfold during hour-long episodes that will follow Mila’s rise to power as the first known female Mafia leader.  Her strength, fearlessness and determination will be tested while she interacts with a patriarchal world she had only before observed, never controlled.  Knowledge gained from working close with her father will exhibit her power and leadership, but how will she successfully dominate in this world of men? This series will explore her journey.


A cemetery holding a graveside service appears in upstate New York, with people surrounding a coffin. The view focuses in on Sicilian Mafia daughter Mila Lombardi, who is mourning the death of her father Giovanni.  The half image of a man who appears to be her husband consoles her. During this introduction, Mila’s voice states a Sicilian proverb used in the Mafia.  Suddenly the flashback is over and Mila is standing in her kitchen, wearing a black glove and holding a revolver.  Her thoughts are interrupted as her husband Demarko walks out of the bedroom and into the kitchen for coffee. Standing behind him, Mila feeds him a spoonful of eggs.  But when he turns around for more, she puts the revolver in his mouth and shoots him. Mila stuffs the glove down the garbage disposal, calls 911 to report her husband’s “suicide” and waits for police to arrive.

The sobbing Mila and two police officers talk about her husband in the living room while other officers look through the house and remove the body.  They console her, telling her that they will do all they can. When they leave, Mila waits allows a few minutes to pass by, as she doesn’t want to run into the police on the road.  When ready, Mila leaves the house for her father’s restaurant “Cena Siciliana” that also served as the administration’s meeting place. This was supposed to be Demarko’s meeting, where he would “be made” into the Boss, followed by business.  When she arrives, she greets the cashier, files through the customers, and opens the back door in the kitchen.  Her father’s administration sits at a table, looking confused.

Mila explains that her husband will not be able to take over due to suicide.  She goes on to say because she is the only immediate relative to her father, will become “Il Padrone” of the Lombardi Administration. As she places herself at the head of the table, the family’s Underboss and Consigliore argue with her, claiming her gender takes first priority to her blood, while questioning the actual cause of Demarko’s death.  However, Mila convinces them this is their best move, as some of these men weren’t fully Italian, and none had Lombardi blood. The administration finally conforms to Mila’s wishes and “make” her, passing the “Don” title to a female.

Immediately afterward, she discusses her desire to change ways of previous business routine, protection, and exchange in order to increase profit and underworld reputation.  She also discusses plans to get rid of the Cammarata Administration, another Sicilian branch of the Mafia who had been a close enemy to the Lombardi sector for over twenty years, and threatened their profit margin. In the midst of this, her Consigliere informs her that someone of that branch murdered her father.  The pilot episode closes as the Consigliere also shares that Don Cammarata was leaving Italy for New York today, in hopes to ruin the entire Lombardi Administration.

5-Page Television Script:

TV Pilot – The Boss’s Daughter Script

Still Frame of Pilot Ad



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